Who will pay for Syrian refugees in Canada?

participante-rassemblement-vancouver-pour-inciterWhile British Columbia joined forces with other Canadian provinces by announcing new support for Syrian refugees, an immigration expert argued that calls to increase the carrying capacity of Canadian forget to focus on an issue crucial: who will pay the bill?

Monica Boyd Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto, estimated that during the first year, the bill is about $ 35,000 per family. However, she noted that funding is absent from public discussion between Ottawa and more and more Canadian provinces.

The holder of the Canada Research Chair in Immigration, Inequality and Public Policy also believes that a number of things remain unspoken, mainly the source of funds that will support the arrival of new refugees in the country.

According to the laws in force, the provinces can not legally sponsor refugees; only the federal government and individuals have the right. However, this has not prevented the provinces to make various announcements affecting refugees, and to press Ottawa to accommodate more.

On Tuesday, the Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, has announced a “preparation fund” a million dollars to help Syrian refugees to settle in his province.

The money will be used among others to provide post-traumatic psychological services, to support trade associations to expedite the process of recognition of credentials, helping integration programs on the labor market and support groups individuals wishing to sponsor refugees.

“Even if we have no power of decision as to who is accepted in Canada, we can do much to help those arriving,” said Christy Clark.

On Monday, the Quebec government announced that it wished to host 3650 Syrian refugees this year, 2450 more than the target it had set itself at the start. The envelope of $ 29 million associated with this ad will fund services for refugees, support for housing, francization, education, employment assistance and health services.

Last week, Ontario has asked Ottawa to accept 5,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

For its part, Manitoba announced a budget of $ 40,000 to assist organizations providing integration and installation services to newcomers so they can accommodate hundreds of additional refugees in the coming months.

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