Why do they prefer the Republican Donald Trump?

quatre-mois-apres-entree-campagneEnthusiasm for the American billionaire Donald Trump, head of the Republican race for the White House is no longer a fad. Why his supporters do they admire? Many cite his personal success, its independence, populism … and his disregard of political convenience.

Four months after taking campaign, Donald Trump, 69, is the preferred candidate of about four a Republican. Nearly 5,000 people cheered him on Wednesday in a showroom of the motor racing circuit of Richmond, Virginia.

Business success

Donald Trump is never so acclaimed that when lists his personal success in the polls or business. “That’s the kind of mindset that this country needs!” Has it launched on Wednesday, pointing his index finger to his temple.

Automatically, the word “businessman” comes on the lips militant, as a measure of competence.

“Our country has reached a turning point, we spend more money than what comes, we need a businessman,” says Terri Brennan, Realtor 50, arrived among the first to see the candidate .

Many compare the power management of a company: we must know how to negotiate, decide, stand up to competitors. They are sure that Donald Trump will better “manage” Vladimir Putin Barack Obama.

And no matter if he does not know the name of this or that foreign leader.

“He is not got to where he is by being a great solo, he can surround himself with good people,” said Alice Butler-Short, 72, a naturalized Irish American who wears shoes in country colors US.


Donald Trump, a billionaire several times, is “controlled person”, he promised.

His supporters point out that he owes nothing to anyone, it does not have lobbyists who return the favor. As for his rivals, the “job is a” policy, Terri Brennan said with contempt.

“This is a statesman,” she said. She compares it to the founding fathers who began their careers in brackets in the name of public interest.

It is very credible on the subject of de facto collusion between donors and politicians. He said self-finance his candidacy. Himself watered in the past politicians, Democrats as Republicans. Greedily, he tells audiences and checks he gave to candidates overflowing with gratitude.

Maybe is it a candidate to advertise? After all, his real estate empire based in part on the prestige of the Trump brand.

“Oh, please, it does not need advertising. If I had ten billion, do I need advertising? “Sweeps Alice Butler-Short.

The first Americans

Advocates know the outline of the program Trump: “Giving back to America its greatness” (the slogan), return illegal in their country win the trade war with China and Japan, lower taxes …

“We no longer have borders,” he lamented Wednesday, promising to build a anticlandestins wall between Mexico and the United States.

At the heart of his message: America first after two mandates that Obama would, he said, weakened the status of the United States in the world.

“President Obama is leaning side of foreign countries,” agrees Thomas Rosado, 19 year old student.

In ultra-conservative Tea Party, the United States is estimated to waste too much money across borders. A volunteer team of local Trump, Annette Truelove, wants “that deals first with the people here. We should use this money for our veterans homeless, our children homeless. ”

Politically incorrect

Finally, there is the Trump style, provocation, satisfaction to hear him say out loud what people would think quietly. “Political correctness is destroying us,” says Matthew Weiner, a former US Navy. Several show the expression of “silent majority” popularized by Richard Nixon and endorsed by the Nawab.

Its supporters are also lenient with him they are strict with the rest of the political class. They pass the sponge over his past Democratic and do not care much to see gaffer internationally.

“It will be a Ronald Reagan more more” trusts Alice Butler-Short, fascinated by the blaster manners. “He has what the young call the X-factor.”

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