WikiLeaks publishes personal emails of CIA chief

john-brennan-directeur-cia-depuisThe organization WikiLeaks on Wednesday issued several documents purportedly from the personal email box CIA Director John Brennan dated to between 2007 and 2009 before taking office at the top of the American intelligence agency.

“Today, 21 October 2015 and during the next few days will publish WikiLeaks documents from one of the non-governmental mailboxes CIA chief John Brennan,” the organization wrote on its website.

The chief American spies “used this account occasionally for intelligence-related projects,” says the organization.

In its first delivery of messages, including WikiLeaks put online a short memo on Iran, with recommendations, addressed to the then president-elect before taking office in January 2009.

There are also two documents dated 2008 speaking of torture, including a copy of Law examined in the Senate and listing the prohibited practices such as waterboarding (waterboarding) or mock executions.

WikiLeaks also put online a copy of a 48-page document supposed to have been completed by John Brennan in 2008, containing many personal details, while his background verification process to be granted access to sensitive information.

John Brennan CIA director since 2013.

This publication comes days after a hacker posing as an American teenager told the tabloid New York Post have penetrated the CIA director inbox and standing over personal information.

On a Twitter account,phphax someone be ensuring that cyber hacker then posted screenshots showing documents pretend contain sensitive official information, that have been hidden.

The FBI and the chairman of protection services are investigating the case, which, if confirmed, assénerait another blow to US intelligence already embarrassed several major leaks of data in recent years, including the publication by WikiLeaks of tens of thousands of documents classified top secret and diplomatic communications.

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