Winter approaches and Impact Winter with him

impact-winter-main-790x444Having a habit of bringing Japanese games to the West, Bandai Namco puts an independent on the front of the stage with Impact Winter.

You may have already heard of Impact Winter and its Mojo Bones development studio. Indeed this independent studio had launched a Kickstarter campaign for its game in 2014. Unfortunately for them, the project had collected only £ 21,270 out of the requested £ 95,000. But this failure did not bury definitively the project that managed to seduce Namco Bandai. Indeed the publisher loved the original artistic direction of the title. Impact Winter is a survival game that will be available on PC in early 2017. You play as Jacob Solomon, accompanied by his 4 acolytes. You are 5 survivors in a frigid and dangerous environment in which you will have to survive 30 days.

In 30 days, help is coming

Eight years ago, a meteorite collided with the Earth, decimating largely the population and plunging the planet into a polar climate. You are Jacob Solomon, the leader of a group of survivors. But one day, your little robotic companion Ako-Light intercepts a message announcing that relief arrives in 30 days. Your mission is simple, survive until they arrive.

Like all survival games, it will be necessary to recover from what to eat, to warm you and to protect you from the hostile fauna. You will also need to use the skills of your companions and Ako-Light to build, improve your camp and discover new things. On the Kickstarter page of the game, it had also been announced that the game would offer a non-linear story. You will have to make choices that will have a direct impact on your adventure.

Coming soon

Since the Kickstarter, we have had little information about the possible changes that have been made to the gameplay of the game. It will therefore be necessary to wait until its arrival on Steam to know exactly what it reserves to us. However, we have had plenty of survival games in recent years. It is therefore unlikely that the game brings us a very innovative gameplay. However, the game offers a sublime artistic direction as well as a soundtrack that will immerse you completely in the game world. Also if you contributed to the Impact Winter Kickstarter, you will receive your free copy of the game soundtrack.

Impact Winter will not help you to warm up during your long winter evenings but could fill the fans of the genre.

The Stopru