Winter Driving: Snow baptism

michelin-avait-reserve-atelier-conduiteFor many drivers, the promise of the first flakes invariably brings to memory the anguish felt behind the wheel in a snowstorm. But for a young driver who has never experienced winter, this anxiety can interfere with a form of recklessness that can make even more worrying situation … especially if you’re the parent of the young person in question!

It is with this in mind that Michelin has earmarked this year its preventive winter driving workshop for young drivers and their parents. They were able to test their skills in slippery conditions, including through the use of a plastic skid surface, kept wet to simulate the adhesion of an icy road. “They can live an emergency without actually being in danger, explained Carl Nadeau, driver coach and defensive driving. They are able to experience loss of control on a safe surface. ”

According to Mr. Nadeau, the fact of inviting parents and offspring in the same workshop could multiply the already numerous benefits of such training, “It helps develop a child-parent interaction it is impossible to find otherwise did -he assures. Parents realize that their techniques are not perfect and this creates an interesting dynamic with their children, then that will certainly talk about their experiences to their loved ones, especially during the holidays. “But what to do with Uncle a little too sure of himself that ridicules such training? “All the more reason to experience with parents. They will be able to corroborate the statements of their youth, “the instructor told us with a knowing smile.


Carl Nadeau hopes that this initiative will help to further increase awareness drivers to prepare to face the pitfalls of winter. But he knows that there is still much work to do. “Some people are fearful and perceive our workshops as a racing course while others believe they are good drivers and they do not need that,” he regretted. The target driver to pass the popular track packages in exotic cars wheel: “We drive for two small towers, experience does not bring much, both in terms of driving sensations of acquired knowledge, a- he said. But it has developed in some people a false pride that makes them believe they have nothing more to learn. ”

Yet every motorist would benefit from following a winter defensive driving training, especially as these techniques are not addressed in the courses required to obtain a driving license – an unfortunate situation in itself. “There are lots of people who tell me they have avoided an accident through the knowledge acquired during my classes, continued Carl Nadeau. Some of them are guys that have accompanied their wives a little backwards, thinking they did not need such training. ”

But the instructor observes, however, a clear awareness. “Those who have not yet understood the importance of learning the right techniques are like those who buy cheap winter tires simply to obey the law, illustrated Carl Nadeau. But that is changing, even if it’s not going as fast as I would like. Basically, I do not understand why there are not 20 different schools that provide winter driving training in Quebec. But education, it’s small steps forward. ”


Differences of Conduct

“Girls are more fearful, more nervous and tense behind the wheel, they are afraid of making mistakes. They tend to look in their immediate environment, which makes them hitting any obstacles, supports Carl Nadeau instructor. They are generally very attentive, but we must also start slowly; they must not notice that the speed increases, after which they finally arrive to practice skidding at speed. ”


“The guys are too confident, that their hormones are leading their lives! the instructor says, laughing. They are more adventurous, they aspire, it usually make them take a step back. Especially they consider their course of conduct as sufficient as it gave them the base. Yet in schools, we do not learn to adjust its mirrors, look out far ahead and adopt the right position behind the wheel. ”


Opportunity to learn …
The defensive driving courses always produce the same effect: motorists come out with a big smile, impressed by what he can learn behind the wheel. But when these motorists have blood ties, adding a little emotional side which further emphasizes the importance of knowledge. Whether dad who convinced her daughter a little unsure or Grandma who is fun and the chance to his little son to perfect his techniques, people met after training of half a day had lot to say and were unanimously conquered.

“After experimenting skid pad, I had to wait a good 10 minutes until my heart stops pounding. The obstacle avoidance test is really stressful!

“We are bombarded with messages reminding us of the importance of road safety, so I think my generation is more conscientisée than my parents. If offered young people the opportunity to do advanced courses, I think they would follow. Conversely, I think the older tend to sit on their experience. “- Pascaline Varin, 25, Montreal

“We do not reflexively take such courses. But if it was suggested by driving schools, I’m sure there would be a queue to make preventive during winter driving. “- Rich Emilia-Forgues, 18, ​​Marieville

“Some of the exercises were not natural to me, because my reflexes were not good. For example, I was not wearing my gaze to the right place. “- Henry Rich, Marieville

“I came here with humility, but I did not know I was going to learn so much. I did not think it was going to be as difficult, particularly slippages. I will remember all my life what I’ve learned. “- Matthew Daigneault, 17, Terrebonne

“When you understand what you do, it’s less scary, it gives confidence. For sure I will recommend my training. “- Lucie Vaillancourt, Laval

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