With medical marijuana, the market told well prepared to legalization

liberaux-justin-trudeau-promis-legaliserWhile the new government of Justin Trudeau is about to plan the legalization of marijuana, industry experts point out that the Conservatives had already set the table for a trade offer of the highest caliber.

Chuck Rifici, co-founder of the first Canadian producer listed on the stock exchange marijuana, argues that thanks to the medical cannabis program, Canada has already gained acclaim in production and distribution.

Mr. Rifici, as Director – Volunteer – Finance at the National Board of the Liberal Party of Canada, assign to the Harper Conservatives credit for having built at great expense, all the infrastructure surrounding the “legal” marijuana.

In 2013, the Harper government announced that Health Canada would cease to produce itself of cannabis for therapeutic purposes – a decision that was subsequently led to the emergence of private producers and the appearance of a now well established trade.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals promised to legalize the consumption of “recreational” marijuana in Canada but to regulate trade.

Ottawa must first set up a federal-provincial working group to consult with officials of Public Health, addiction specialists and experts in public safety.

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