Wolverine 3: Will The creation of X-23 explained?

wolverine-3-wolverine-logan-x-23-hugh-jackmanAnd if the creation of X-23 was explained in Wolverine 3? A new photo sows doubt among future spectators!

James Mangold seems to be taking a new turn in the upcoming movie about the famous mutant. And for good reason: Wolverine 3 should have a more human approach to Logan , not hesitating to display a hero much weaker than ever. The weaknesses of a character who has gone through many trials and will face the terrible Reavers in the near future somewhat reassuring for mutants. But his main mission will remain the protection of X-23, a girl who shares much in common with him since it was created from its own cells . And a photo published on behalf of the film seems to reveal that its history will be explained.

Creating X-23 explained?
We discover many medical tools on a table that may have been used in the creation of X-23. A creation that also imagines difficult and challenging than Logan who left him many injuries. But this assumption is not only mentioned since in Wolverine 3, Logan and Professor X might be seriously injured . This medical equipment could be used to treat both X-Men who will face ruthless enemies sent to eliminate them. Wolverine 3 , which could draw inspiration from the side of Old Man Logan comics, will be rich in surprises for fans . The films will hit our screens on first March 2017. What do you think of this photo?

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