Wolverine takes life

constitue-rassemblementTo win the 52nd finals of the Quebec Games, Alma promised to youth in value. A promise that had seduced the Board of SPORTSQUEBEC. And that is what is the organizing committee with the exhibition of 380 drawings of the competition mascot, presented at the Alma library from April 12 to May 15

Last December, we recall, the students of the Commission scolaire du Lac-Saint-Jean and the Séminaire Marie-Reine-du-clergy were invited to participate in a competition to create the new mascot.

It is the work of Amelia Marcotte, a student at Notre Dame School, who was selected. Wolverine is born from her imagination. “I always liked to draw. But by participating, I did not think that my idea would be chosen. It really makes me proud to see my drawing come to life, “expressed the girl.

A press conference was held on Tuesday to present the drawings of young people. The committee and the city held to showcase the youth who participated in this little contest.

“We are very pleased with the youth participation rate in the MRC Lac-Saint-Jean-Est. Their involvement has affected us so we wanted to reward them, “says Sylvie Beaumont, who is Vice President of Communications and Human Resources and Councillor of the City of Alma.

“We want this experience to be rewarding for them and they are proud to see their drawings exhibited for more than a month in a public place.”

Finals of the Quebec Games is the biggest multi-sports gathering of the province for athletes under 18 years. The 52nd du Québec Finals Alma Games will be held from 24 February to 4 March 2017.

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