Women must have more children, say the young PLQ

childThis is the revenge of the cradle, making two. The women will have more children for the Quebec of tomorrow is better, according to the Young Liberals of Quebec.

To achieve this goal, the government should reward those who agree to turn into mother of a large family.

The more a woman would have children, more financial support from the state would be enticing.

This natalist policy, hints of a not so distant past, is part of the proposals will be studied by hundreds of young activists of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) this weekend in Shawinigan, as part of their annual congress .

At a press conference on Wednesday, the president of the youth-commission PLQ, Nicolas Perrino, however, refused to say what would an ideal birth rate, according to liberal views.

Soon, “Quebec will have more people in retirement than people who will be on the labor market, then it is in that perspective that we should dwell on that issue, that we will talk about the birth rate in Quebec. ”

The resolution proclaims the need to “reform the delivery system of support to children from the Régie des rentes gradually, to encourage a greater number of births.”

A more generous government program to many families “could encourage families to have more children,” according to Young Liberals.

When asked whether, following this goal to increase the number of births, the Liberal government had made the right choice by increasing the child care fee, Mr. Perrino replied, “we do not comment on it.”

It has been shown that the availability and low cost childcare helped to guide the choice of women and couples to a child or not.

The theme of regional development, as young liberals will be interested in the “sharing economy,” favoring legalization services like AirBnB, for hosting, and Uber, a taxi service that the government refuses to legalize .

It is necessary that “the Quebec population to have access to those services, the state can earn profits,” said Mr. Perrino, who considers that this type of services is the economy of tomorrow.

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