Workers are demanding a living wage

-manifeste-vendrediNearly 4,000 Quebec homes for elderly workers gave up their time for dinner Friday to protest loudly to the businesses in their employers in the context of pan-Canadian Day of Action for a minimum wage to $ 15. In total, fifty nursing homes were targeted by the Quebec Union of Service Employees for this offensive, which Drummondville L’Ermitage.

“I think we surprised a few, said Linda Michaud, regional union advisor. Several employers were not happy to see us demonstrate, but we did it on the sidewalk, on our lunch hours and in compliance with the laws. ”

Applications of private homes of workers fall light years from what we have heard in the last month. These private sector workers are demanding that their minimum wage be raised to $ 15 an hour, a wage that few of the 4,000 union can boast of getting at the moment.

“The average salary is $ 12.50 and there who earn it while they have 20 years of service in one place. Residences for elderly workers who earn $ 15 an hour, I do not know, “Ms. Michaud statue.

In fact, increases in recent years are such that in many cases, the minimum wage increase is greater strength and a further increase. “To blow of a percent for salaries of $ 10, do the math, it does not go fast,” she adds.

Increased task
Low wages in the area have a double negative effect on workers. Not only must they be limited to a modest lifestyle, but recruitment difficulties impose undue pressure on the organization of work. Employees find themselves with very heavy tasks. The union also hopes to get a little more parity between workers.

“Young people do not come to their name in the homes when experiencing wages. They will work elsewhere. In addition, each residence has its peculiarities. There are workers with sick and others do not, “she says.

The Union still leaves room for negotiation, but is preparing for autumn and early summer eventful. It envisages, among others, to seek a strike vote for the month of May. Friday’s exercise would become a premise for the future.

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