Yanis Sauve at the Olympic Stadium: “the dream of a lifetime”

sauve-savoure-experienceMany baseball fans of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean spent much of the weekend in Montreal to attend two preparatory meetings between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox, but none can be boast of having lived the experience as did the Jonquierois Yanis Sauve. He had a chance to take the field at Olympic Stadium as a baseball match of the Academy of Canadian referee Saturday.

The meeting in question was part of the weekend activities. Yanis Sauvé was able to participate at the invitation of Baseball Quebec and drew great satisfaction.

“For two or three years, a half and half drawing is held during each game at Olympic Stadium, says Yanis Sauvé. Members of Baseball Quebec, including some referees and players in the Baseball Academy of Canada, participated in the sale of tickets for the matches. Part of the benefit of prints is reset to Baseball Quebec. It is used in programs for young referees, markers, etc.

“Giving a hand for the draw half and half was one of the reasons for my presence at Olympic Stadium this weekend. The icing on the cake is that the Baseball Academy of Canada introduced the games on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Baseball Quebec had asked interested parties to come forward. Obviously, you had to have the grade required to arbitrate the level of the CBA. I expressed my interest and the file fireplace. I had the chance to go to the field to officiate. These games were part of the training of young people and I attended one on Saturday. ”

Since the departure of the Montreal Expos, the Olympic Stadium has lost a very big part of his Baseball pane. For many, there are only memories. Despite this, Yanis Sauvé enjoyed every minute on the playing surface. In his eyes, the place still has a very special character.

“It was very special to referee at the Olympic Stadium, which ensures that official scorer to home games Saguenay Voyageurs. Many major league baseball games were played there. The Olympics have been presented. Celine Dion went there. The Olympic Stadium has hosted a variety of events and I found myself under the roof in the middle of the field center. It was very special. I was often under the concrete, but this time, I was under the roof. We worked the match in four referees. For us it was also a first match this season.

“I felt great excitement throughout the day. All officials were eager to go to the field of the Olympic Stadium. I’m not quite income. It’s a little dream of a lifetime. ”

To Yanis Sauvé, the referee work is almost a way of life. Associated regional baseball as a referee since 2001, he also performs this work in football and even an improv league. He tasted the baseball elite during the years he was part of the excellence of Baseball Quebec program. He returned this year, which will allow it to work in Midget AAA and later in the Junior League baseball elite of Quebec.

“If the return to elite junior is this year, the better, says the Jonquiérois. Otherwise, it will be for the coming years. The arbitration Excellence program is another opportunity to advance. I start to move forward and I still have stuff to learn. ”

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