Yards of $ 25 million provided in Alma

enjambera-riviereThe construction industry is idling in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, but Alma saw one of its most important years in yards. Work totaling nearly $ 25 million are planned on the territory of the city in 2016. There are nearly 10 million more than the value of the projects completed in 2015.

By themselves, the constructions of the bridge over the river Petite-discharge and multisport center require investments of up to $ 15 million. If we add all the other work, including repairing streets, renovation of buildings and the construction of the dock the boat Tour, all increases to $ 25 million.

And this amount does not include the work on the bridge Wolverine, estimated at $ four million over two years, led by the Ministry of Transport of Quebec.

“It is indeed a good year. Alma continues to face change. It all started in recent years, with the construction of Mario Tremblay Centre and the bypass. When I was elected mayor, I knew there was important work to do to improve infrastructure. And that’s what we do, “said Mayor Marc Asselin.

The latter, however, cautions that the $ 25 million still forecasts. The amount may be less important than a few million. The year 2016 will be still one of the best years in terms of work in the city.

150th anniversary and Quebec Games

The City took the final of the Quebec Games and its 150eanniversaire to renew its infrastructure.

The construction of the multisport center does not also included in the three-year program initially, but the timing was perfect to move forward, said the mayor.

“It was not part of the plans. We said that if we won the finals of the Quebec Games, it would speed things up. So that’s what happened. From there, it was much easier to convince the government to invest in such infrastructure. In all our projects, however, have not received everything we wanted in terms of subsidies. But we can say we shot our game well. We had the push to continue our investments, “says Asselin.

While some accuse Alma invest too much on the backs of taxpayers, the mayor said that the debt service has not increased in recent years.

“Alma has the means, it is comfortable. But we did it anyway attention. Overall debt increased slightly. But the debt service not. The term remained the same. And debt per capita is much lower than the provincial average, “points the mayor.

By investing, the city also contributes to the economic vitality of the territory, says Asselin.

“It is difficult for business people. The context is not easy. With the projects, at least, we do our work world. It’s positive, you get to see the light at the end of the tunnel “, drop the mayor.

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