This year will be no frost Jordan

dsc8308-300x218Weather outside is not January. The heat in the spring. How long ternopolyan bask in the rays of winter sun, learn from the following story.
This year Jordan will be no frost. If Saturday, January 17 will do without rain, the eve of Epiphany in Ternopil should expect rain and ice on the roads.
Oksana SOFINSKA, Head of the Regional Hydro Works:
“Night air temperatures from 0 to +5 C day – from +2 to +7 C. Subsequently, on Monday we expect a slight fluctuation temperature, precipitation as rain and snow. The temperature range from slight disadvantage at night, that it can be from 0 to -5 C and C during the day – from 0 to +5 C “.
Such weather is not typical of Ternopil, says Oksana Sofinska. For January we have long considered the coldest month of the year. However, abnormal and it will not name. After increasing the average daily temperature for January is typical for several recent years.
Oksana SOFINSKA, Head of the Regional Hydro Works:
“Today, seeing average daily temperature in the range 0 + 1, and at the rate it should be -3-4 C. Therefore, almost daily average temperature exceeds the climatic norm by 4-6 degrees. To say that this is typical weather for the area, you can not. But again, talking about anomalnist also not necessary, because if analyze recent years, the last observation, the actual period – beginning of January, the first half of January is often enough in these terms. ”
Despite the fact that January saw the coldest, highest temperature below the zero in our area recorded in early February. Therefore forecasters do not rule out the possible frost in 2015 just at the beginning of the last month of winter.

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