Yoga between the Sacred Heart College

sciences-collegeStress shows up at every age, we have 16, 36 or 56 years. But the students of Sacred Heart College have the tools in hand to remain calm. The teacher Kate Plamondon science transmitted his passion to many of them offering courses combining running and yoga. In addition to an activity that will bring all students on Thursday, students will also be invited to the Grand Yoga grass, on 5 May, when the invitation is launched to the public.

Students in fifth and second secondary Jennyfer David and Catherine Shank became fervent yoga enthusiasts since they take part in the course offered by their teacher after class.

“I am a girl with pretty stressed base. I thought it could help me manage this stress then, “said Catherine, who said he put a lot of pressure at school.

The speech is similar side Jennyfer. “I saw a lot of stressful things this year for several reasons. I told myself I take no time for me. I work on weekends, I do homework, I go to school … and that’s my life! I told myself that I had to stop for a moment and I take time for myself. I registered and I really saw a difference. (…) It soothes me. ”

Another positive point is the two girls really like the fact that this is not a competitive activity.

“I had never experienced yoga, says Catherine. It was a first for me, it was a bit malaisant, nobody spoke (…) I tend to look more others. I learned later that it was necessary to focus on yourself. ”

“She laughed for the first session in full! “Recalls Kate Plamondon.

“As a teenager, I was so hurt in my body, it was not going so not! I often tell them that I put them in terrible postures. The arms and legs going anywhere! I was very surprised and pleasantly surprised by their response and their openness, “says the self-described” big sports at the base “and wants to instill in students a healthy lifestyle.

“When I was a teenager, there was no talk of young people anxious … I do not know if it’s new … We hear a lot about and we feel the girls. If it can allow a student to sleep better at night to do homework or study a little better (…) For me, it’s mission accomplished. ”

“I think that yoga can help people in a different way,” said Catherine.

All students in the private school of the Belvedere Street North will be invited to attend a midday yoga with the owners of Enjoyoga, Karina Brown and Emily Gauthier Thursday. The Grand aspiring Yoga will be held May 5 with grades 3, 4 and Secondary 5. “Students will invite their parents, grandparents, friends, the Sherbrooke at full strength is invited. It will go to Jacques-Cartier Park (near the soccer fields), “says the teacher. “It’ll be the most zen and most grandiose event of spring! It will mark the spring by the zen! “The rally will be held at 14 h 30 at the park. From April 7 to May 5, the teacher will offer yoga breaks in classes of all students.

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