Young trial accused of terrorism: a spectator in the dock

897599A Montreal 27 years, Samy Nefkha-Bahri, appeared Friday at the courthouse to answer a charge of intimidation from any person associated with the judiciary. Made especially the man in question has often attended the trial of the teenager who is on trial for terrorist activities in the House of Youth.

The incident which he is charged occurred around 14 h 15, last Wednesday (16 September), on Saint-Vallier, said Laurent Gingras, spokesman for the Montreal Police Service.

A man riding his bike docked a person related to the trial, and would have made comments and asked all sorts of questions.

When the person took his cell to 9-1-1, the man quickly ran away. He was arrested the next day. It was Mr. Nefkha-Bahri.

At the time of his appearance on Friday Nefkha-Bahri seemed a little overwhelmed. The Crown opposed his release. The man, who has no criminal record, so spend the weekend in jail and is expected to undergo its investigation on bail Monday. Me Dannie Leblanc holds for the Crown.

Mr. Nefkha-Bahri has already studied medicine in Chicoutimi. According to information obtained, he would have a course of four weeks, six years ago.

As for the teenager found in the House of Youth, the parties must plead Tuesday. The 16 year old (he was 15 at the material time), is accused of having committed a theft in favor of a terrorist organization and attempting to leave Canada to participate in a terrorist activity. Obsessed with jihad apparently he wanted to leave for Syria. It’s his father, very anxious, reported him to the police.

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