Youth centers: delays too long, said the CSN

1165375The case processing times reported to the Youth Centres are much longer than the prescribed departmental requirements.

In the Eastern Townships, it takes more than 57 days after application of a reporting and evaluation-orientation, the first contact between the speaker of the youth center and the child or the family, denounced the Union of center staff youth Estrie (SPCJE). This period should not exceed eight days.

Processing times are unacceptable, said the union affiliated to the Federation of health and social services of the CSN, which require immediate reinvestment of the government and the end of the current organizational restructuring.

“If we look at the average of 2014-2015 collected from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the processing time does not comply with departmental requirements in any region of Quebec,” complains Denis Beaudin, president of the Central Council Estrie national unions.

“If the most urgent cases are treated adequately, it is sad that lower priority cases, as some situations of neglect, behavioral problems, abuse and emotional abuse, are often put on hold in favor of priority cases, “said Steve Lemieux, president of SPCJE-CSN.

Codes 3 (lowest priority) worsen and often become 2 codes or codes 1 (high priority), not having received adequate services, he added.

Youth centers have been cut by $ 50 million between 2010 and 2014, ensures the union. The needs are great and the employees, out of breath.


“In the auditor’s report Lebon, filed on March 10 following the fugues connected to sexual exploitation, it is emphasized that this redesign has created turbulence and disruption of services on the ground. The 2015-2016 figures are expected with great interest and concern, “says one in a press release.

“In recent months, the media attention has focused on cases of fugue, including Centre jeunesse de Laval. However, we should look at everything that is wrong before running away and it would be hypocritical not to linger at these cases, “says the president of SPCJE-CSN.

“This is the entrance in the network that is problematic. And as mentioned in the report Lebon, it is futile to think fugues reduce or better support the girls in question, if, at the same time, leakage of funding and skills.

“In the Eastern Townships, despite the higher number of reports, there has been no increase in staff, and in addition, the budget dedicated to casual workers who were assigned to the extra work was interrupted when CIUSSS meltdown, “says Steve Lemieux, president of SPCJE-CSN.

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