Yves Martin: public opinion in the heart of the debate

saura-jeudi-matinYves Martin will know Thursday morning if he can remain on bail during the court proceedings. Jacques Trudel The judge will make a decision at 9.30 am at Chicoutimi Courthouse after a bail hearing that lasted two days.

Public opinion has been at the heart of the debate between the defense lawyer, Jean-Marc Fradette, and the representative of the prosecution, Ms. Marie-Josée Hamelin-Gagnon. According to the latter, the confidence of the population in the judicial system will be undermined if Yves Martin is released. The reckless driver faces counts of dangerous driving, driving while impaired and criminal negligence causing death of Mathieu Perron, Vanessa Tremblay-Viger and their son Patrick, on 1 August, in St. Paul row.

“The audience makes more severe penalties. He tougher laws. You see people working in car service at McDonald’s and make disclosures when they see clients who seem to drive while impaired. That society is exhausted by these crimes. An informed public would be undermined if he were released, “argued Mr. Hamelin-Gagnon, saying the detention is necessary in this case.

An argument has rejected Martin’s lawyer, Jean-Marc Fradette. This was the difference between public opinion and public understanding.

“The judge may be the trailer to the public. This is not the mood that should influence the decision. First public opinion is difficult to measure, it is hardly palpable. And here we do not talk any chap. There is talk of an informed public, within the meaning of the law. This is not the opinion of the public is important. That is, it is to ensure that the world understood the decision, “he argues, adding that he did not request non-publication order precisely to enable the public to understand the judge’s reasons if it decides to release Martin.

Mr. Fradette has also pointed Ghomeshi the case to justify its position. Despite the acquittal, the population still sentenced former TV host.

“Before the trial, he had been crucified. He had even been dismissed by his employer. There was trial and was acquitted. The judge was clear. There has been deception, perjury on the part of the alleged victims. And despite that, the public think it is still guilty. Is this is the kind of public that should influence the judge? I hope not, “expressed Mr. Fradette, holding to remember the importance of the presumption of innocence.

Martin’s lawyer also mentioned the case of Guy Turcotte and Jacques Delisle judge that were released during court proceedings.


The defense called two more witnesses to ensure public safety if Yves Martin is released. One of the co-founders of Recovery Science Corporation, Steven Than, explained how the GPS Bracelet designed by his company. In addition to alert authorities if the accused does not respect the curfew, the band is able to detect alcohol consumption. The analysis to confirm the presence of alcohol may, however, take 24 to 48 hours. The bracelet, fully paid by the accused, costs about $ 500 per month. A representative of the Jean Lepage also testified before Judge Trudel. He assured that Yves Martin is ready for 21 weeks of therapy offered at Three Crown Rivières.La believes that the deposit of $ 100,000, wear a GPS bracelet, tracking a closed therapy 21 weeks and monitoring performed daily by her sister and her parents are inadequate to ensure public safety.

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