$ 1.7 million for a “toxic” childhood

The heirs of a father in the Outaouais who died before being tried for sexual assault will have to pay more than $ 1.7 million to his daughters, whose childhood in a “toxic family environment” will have been marked By innumerable abuses, both sexual, physical and psychological.

The details reported in a decision rendered last week by Suzanne Tessier of the Superior Court are difficult to read. “Physical, psychological and sexual abuse, a toxic family environment, cruelty and abuse are not just words, but the horror that the plaintiffs claim to have lived in their childhood,” the magistrate said at the outset.

The court had to deal with a lawsuit over two million dollars that was filed in the summer of 2015 by two sisters born in the 1970s against the estate of their father, Gérald Parisien, who died in the fall of 2014. Heirs of the deceased are his brothers and sister, the uncles and aunt of the pursuers.

Gérald Parisien was tried on eight charges against the youngest sister in October 2014, one month before his death. He admitted that he had “assaulted his own daughter”, reads the Superior Court’s decision.

The testimony of the two sisters was judged “completely credible and sincere” by Judge Tessier. “There is no doubt in the minds of the Tribunal that they lived in a toxic and violent family environment,” the decision reads. Despite all these years, they still remember the words spoken, the gestures committed against them, the memories of childhood bathed in blood and above all, how they felt. ”

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The narrative of the sisters mentions an authoritarian and violent father, both to themselves and to their mother. This resulted, among other things, in a fractured nose, broken teeth and frequent blood flow. The father obliged them to excel at school and forced them to eat large portions in less than 15 minutes, under penalty of feeding them. One of the sisters was hospitalized for a long time because of the force-feeding. To this was added various touching and “attempts of penetration”.

“Kicks and punches were administered, at least once a week, sometimes two,” one reads in the summary of the testimony of one of the girls. Their correction was, among other things, to be kneeling inside on the grills of the calorifier or outside on small rocks. ”

The heirs, on the other hand, “are very loyal to their brother,” notes the judge. “They do not ignore the facts, they deny them. He can not believe he is a violent, abusive or sexually aggressive man, even if the evidence is overwhelming, “she continues. There are many uncontested facts. Their brother is arrested for domestic violence. The three have had to intervene to stop him beating his spouse, their brother is arrested, detained, accused and cited at trial for charges of sexual natures in two files with vulnerable people. There is admission of having assaulted his own daughter […]. This is called incest. ”

Judge Suzanne Tessier granted the youngest sister, disabled since 2006 due to post-traumatic stress disorder, $ 1.5 million in pecuniary damages, as well as $ 100,000 in moral damages, 25 $ 000 in exemplary damages and $ 35,000 for the cost of his treatments and therapies. The oldest woman gets a total of $ 60,000 in moral and exemplary damages.

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The net value of the estate is about $ 705,000, the sisters will probably have to settle for less than what was granted them, said their lawyer, e Stéphane Tremblay. A request had been made that the heirs should draw on their personal assets to pay the debts of the estate, but the judge determined that there was “no cause to grant” the claim.

The defense has 30 days, from the judgment rendered on June 15, to file a request for appeal.

To have finally “been raw”
“Satisfied” by having obtained from the court an amount to compensate for the nightmarish childhood that their father made them live, two sisters who grew up in the Outaouais rejoice first of all first of all to have finally “been believed”.

The lawyer of the two women, M e Stéphane Tremblay, said the law that its customers are “satisfied” with the amount totaling $ 1.7 million which was granted in the case pitting the estate of their father.

“The part where it’s a little more mixed, it’s regarding personal convictions against the heirs,” said M e Tremblay, who asked that the brothers and the sister of Gérald Parisien have to dip into their heritage To pay amounts in excess of what can be obtained from the net worth of the estate, set at $ 705,000.

Meeting the sisters have undergone many abuse as children are not down to money, however, notes M e Tremblay.

“They were above all satisfied that they had been believed by someone in authority, and that there were consequences for the actions they had taken,” the lawyer said, referring to previous denunciations that did not lead to Of real actions. […] The abuse they have suffered and the sequelae they have retained, which will probably be there for the rest of their lives, there is not an amount of money that will erase them. Their real satisfaction is that they were believed. ”

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The lawyer of the sisters admits that this file has been “the most difficult” so far in his career. “I have done medical responsibility, I have done not necessarily easy situations, with families that have lost a loved one and where it’s very emotional, but this has been a difficult issue,” said M E Tremblay.