10 secrets of the film “Bohemian Rhapsody”

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 The film Bohemian Rhapsody , which tells the story of the English group Queen, but especially of its singer, Freddie Mercury, is finally available at Videotron!

It is the actor Rami Malek, who noted the immense challenge to slip into the skin of the legendary Mercury, and its performance is breathtaking.

But such a transformation does not take place overnight, and a film as ambitious does not occur easily.

So here are 10 facts unusual and secrets of the shooting of the film Bohemian Rhapsody.

 1. A diet intense

To look like Freddie Mercury, who was in good physical shape, Rami Malek has had to gain muscle.

Then, he was forced to go on a diet called “crash diet” in order to lose weight quickly to interpret Mercury youngest.


 2. The teeth of Freddie

Freddie Mercury was born with 4 teeth in his mouth, which gave him what is called an overbite.

Throughout his life, the singer refused to be operated on, as many producers and agents wanted him to do, for fear it would change his voice.


 3. A set of dentures out of the ordinary

To mimic the look so specific from the mouth of Mercury, Rami Malek has had to wear a denture.

To be comfortable with the false teeth, the actor chose to wear that denture before you even start filming!

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Transforming into Freddie Mercury took legendary commitment and passion. Don’t miss @ramimalek’s winning performance in #bohemianrhapsody. Watch it now on @applemusic. Link in bio! Pre-order the movie on @itunes, where the Extras package will be available.

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He stole just to eat.

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 4. A memory of filming strange

To commemorate his experience, Rami Malek confessed to Ellen Degeneres that he has been written about the famous set of dentures in gold.


 5. The movements perfect

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Polly Bennett, choreographer and coach of movement, has worked with Rami Malek so that he could eventually copy the facial expressions of Mercury.

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The greatest challenge was that of the concert Live Aid , which is recreated in full in the film.

For this scene, each look, the way Freddie’s moves on stage, he holds his microphone every time he slams your hands, or that he wipes his forehead; everything has been copied to perfection!


 6. A character invented

The character that Mike Myers performer in the film, the music producer Ray Foster, has never existed.

However, it could be inspired by the real employee of EMI Records, Roy Featherstone, who was a great fan of Queen.


 7. Closing the loop

In addition, there is a connection special between Mike Myers and the Queen.

In the cult movie Wayne’s World, for which Myers is known for, the actor had insisted that the song in the opening scene of the film to be Bohemian Rhapsody, against the will of the producers.


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His character, Ray Foster, made a little nod to this fact when he said to the members of the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody will never be popular because “this is not the kind of music that teens are going to want to listen to in the car and shaking the head”, a direct reference to Wayne’s World.


 8. Musicians, producers

Brian May, the guitarist, and Roger Taylor, drummer of Queen, are both credited as producers of the film.

This is because they have offered advice, archival photos, and even costumes to the creators of the film.


 9. The double of Freddie

Marc Martel, a montreal-native, has lent his voice to the film.

To recreate the exact sound of Freddie Mercury, the voice of Marc has been mixed with that of Rami Malek, and has records of Mercury.


 10. A sensation viral


After having published a video of him singing Somebody to Love”, which has been seen 17 million times, Marc Martel was selected in 2011 by Brian May and Roger Taylor to interpret Freddie in their tour of remembrance, The Queen Extravaganza.


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