10-year-old boy without problems unlock iPhone X your mother

10-year-old boy without problems unlock iPhone X your mother. He had been forbidden to take in hand the smartphone’s parents, but he could not resist the temptation and after a few minutes walked the Face ID feature that undertakes the identification of the owner of the gadget in the face.


A short video lock bypass iPhone X appeared on YouTube. Put it back the surprised father of a clever boy who overcame the Face ID feature without much difficulty. Parents are afraid to give the baby up smartphone because it can withdraw money or to read correspondence. They warn users of potential incidents. According to them, the Face ID feature in the iPhone X is unreliable. Talked about this and the developers of the American company Apple.

The identification of a person in a trendy gadget you can easily avoid, if we are talking about children under the age of 14 years. Also, the experts conducted an experiment with three-dimensional model of a person that has attached eyes, lips and silicone nose. In the end, iPhone X recognized this face the owner of the mobile device.