“100 years at the table”: well in his plate

Photo: Télé-Québec
It will be necessary to move through the binerie and French cuisine for that Quebec gains its independence culinary.

Our leaders sit at the top of the list of libraries, at festivals like the credits of a multitude of emissions. Tricks, secrets, or fighting ; we will serve all the sauces. The director Guillaume Sylvestre and the fine dining critic Lesley Chesterman will succeed yet to surprise us with their interesting 100 years at the table, which dates back to the history of quebec’s gastronomy.


This is not three decades as Quebec has become one of the first culinary destinations in North America. He will have had to pass through the binerie and French cuisine to win his independence, and culinary. This course almost model, Lesley Chesterman recounts with great detail in order to the table with a handful of chefs who have added a stone landmark this building.


The approach is a good child, but never devoid of meaning or content, while the plates of each other’s parade to mark the milestones of this fabulous progress. Marcel Kretz, the former chief of The balsam Fir, which will be the first to source here in the 1960s, in the inventive Colombe St-Pierre, which upsets the codes from his lair in the Bic, the line unveils more tightly woven than it appears.


One hears the ultramédiatiques Normand Laprise and Daniel Vezina out of their usual discourse. And it goes further with the unclassifiable Charles-Antoine Crête of the Montreal Plaza and Hugues Dufour, a party rocker, New York with his inspired cuisine. In short, this story told through its plates is invigorating in a wish ; it would be wrong to lift the nose above.

100 years at the table

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