101-year-old actress from the film “gone with the wind” captivated the audience with his appearance (PHOTOS)

101-летняя актриса из фильма "Унесенные ветром" восхитила публику своим внешним видом (ФОТО)

It is called “the last actress of the Golden age of Hollywood” and it’s true. Today this great woman 101 years old, but she looks so incredible that it is hard to believe.

We all remember this actress for her role as Melanie in “Gone with the wind” — the same Holy woman, the wife of Ashley, Scarlett seems the mad rebel, a striking and original character. Margaret Mitchell had always said that Melanie Wilkes is like no other characters correlated with the character of the heroine and fill it with depth. Play Melanie so that she didn’t look sickly, could only Olivia de Havilland — the producers of the picture did not doubt my choice a single second. This Anglo-American actress was one of the most sought after in Hollywood 1930 — 40-ies. On account of its two “Oscar”, “Golden globe” and roles in such legendary films as “the adventures of Robin hood” (1938), gone with the wind (1939), “the Heiress” (1949) and “hush, Hush, sweet Charlotte” (1964).

The great actress of the last century was born in the family of English aristocrats in Tokyo. More than 60 years he lived in Paris. Actress Joan Fontaine, star of Alfred Hitchcock have her own sister. However, because of a stupid quarrel sisters did not communicate almost to the end of life.

On his 101st birthday Olivia de Havilland received the news that the Queen of England gave her the title of knight — Lady-commander. This is the second highest rank you can achieve in the knight order of the British Empire.
101-летняя актриса из фильма "Унесенные ветром" восхитила публику своим внешним видом (ФОТО)