104-year-old scientist voluntarily departed this life, before singing the Ode to joy

104-летний ученый добровольно ушел из жизни, спев перед этим  Оду радости

104-year-old scientist voluntarily died, singing “Ode to joy”
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David Goodall. Photo: freeze frame video

David Goodall died after the procedure of euthanasia. At a press conference, he sang an excerpt from the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, which is then listened to and during the procedure.

In a Swiss clinic Life Circle, was the euthanasia of an elderly Australian scientist, botanist and environmentalist David Gadola. It is specially crossed half the world to die on their own. This was reported by Meduza.

During a press conference on the eve of death, the scientist sang the part of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony “Ode to joy”. At his request, this same song played and during the process of withdrawal from life.

– At my age, even much smaller than my age, people want to be free to choose death and the right time for her. Don’t want to continue to live. I’m happy that I have the opportunity tomorrow to end it, said Gadola.

In Australia, euthanasia is prohibited. Only four countries and one region in the world allowed this procedure: in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan and Victoria (USA).

Funds for travel to Switzerland, the scientist gathered with the help of crowdfunding. He gathered 20 thousand Australian dollars.