104-year-old scientist will overcome half the globe to die

104-летний ученый преодолеет половину земного шара, чтоб умереть

104-year-old scientist will overcome half the globe to die
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The man is not suffering from the deadly disease, but considered themselves unhappy and requires euthanasia.

Australian ecologist and geobotanist David Goodall decided to cover half the globe to complete its life. The scientist wanted to die at 104 years of age and says he does not feel any regret. This was reported by the BBC.

Goodall does not suffer from fatal diseases, only has problems with his vision and said that he was getting harder to move around. The researcher considers himself unhappy and wanting to die.

– He is an independent person. He doesn’t want around him were people, especially strangers who will take care of him. He wants to have an intelligent conversation and to do daily chores – he told his friend Carol O’neill.

In Australia, euthanasia is illegal, and fly in Europe is expensive

The main problem for Goodall was the ban on Australian authorities to conduct euthanasia. Today, this procedure is allowed only in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan and Victoria (USA).

The procedure of euthanasia Goodall decided to held in Switzerland. To do this he will have to overcome a long way, that was another problem. Scientist to travel to Europe in business class, but to complete all the procedures and flights he will need a considerable amount of money.

Funds for his venture, the man collected with the help of crowdfunding. Godollo managed to collect 20 thousand Australian dollars.

His last days he spends with family and responds to emails.

David Goodall is notorious scientists. During his life he wrote over a hundred scientific papers on environmental issues. He also worked as a researcher at the research Institute of plant physiology at Stolinskoe research station.





Euthanasia — the practice of terminating the life of a person suffering from an incurable disease, experiencing unbearable suffering. There are two main types of euthanasia: passive euthanasia (intentional termination of medical maintenance treatment) and active euthanasia (the introduction of dying of medications or other actions that entail quick and painless death).


In Amsterdam invented the suicide booth

The exhibition of the funeral industry in Amsterdam showed a prototype of a machine for suicide. As writes the South China Morning Post, it was designed by the Dutch designer Alexander Bannink and Australian activist Philip Nitschke, many years defending the legalization of euthanasia.