11 ways to speed up the inhibitory Chrome

11 способов ускорить тормозящий Chrome

Enable hidden settings, be careful with the tabs and your browser will be fast.

1. Close the extra tab

The more Chrome tabs open, the more it devours memory. So try to close all unnecessary.

I found an interesting article you want to read later? Put it in Pocket. Opened too many sites? Send them to OneTab and access it as needed.

11 способов ускорить тормозящий Chrome


11 способов ускорить тормозящий Chrome


2. Disable unnecessary extensions

A simple and obvious step. The more extensions you have, the slower Chrome. So add-ons that you do not use constantly, it is better to disable or even remove.

Enter chrome://extensions in the search bar and turn off or remove all unwanted extensions. Continue to install only those without which you can not do.

3. Clear cache Chrome

11 способов ускорить тормозящий Chrome

Chrome tries to keep in cache as much as possible elements from visited websites. In theory, this helps to speed up page loading, however if you have a fast enough connection and not very capacious store, it is crowded it is better to clear cache.

Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserDataselect the time range to “All time” and press “Delete data”.

4. Increase the index of Raster Threads

11 способов ускорить тормозящий Chrome

From the index of Raster Threads depends on how fast your browser renders the raster graphics, such as photographs and images on web pages. Enlarge it on the page hidden settings Chrome.

To see hidden settings in Chrome, type chrome://flags/. To quickly find certain settings Chrome help search field. Just enter the name with the hashtag.

If you have a slow to load image on pages, find flag #num-raster-threads. Increase it to a value of 4, and restart Chrome.

5. Enable upload tab

Option Tab Discarding automatically unloads tabs from memory if it is not enough. Unloaded tabs are displayed on the tab bar, as always, and loaded when you switch. View uploaded the tabs on the page chrome://discards.

Look for option #automatic-tab-discarding, enable it and restart Chrome.

6. Activate smooth scrolling

Function makes scrolling web pages faster and smoother. You can find her typing in the search #smooth-scrolling.

7. Enable experimental features of the rendering

11 способов ускорить тормозящий Chrome

This figure also affects the speed of download sites, or more precisely of the transparent page items. Look for option #enable-experimental-canvas-features and turn it on.

8. Turn quick closing tabs

This option speeds up closing tabs Chrome. It allows you to run the JavaScript engine, regardless of the graphical interface. Although the process still continues in the background, the closed tab will be unloaded faster.

Find the flag #enable-fast-unload and turn it on, then restart the browser.

9. Use quick open TCP

The TCP Fast Open (TFO) speeds up the transmission in Chrome. However, note that it is only available on Linux, Chrome OS and Android. To find and enable it, search for #enable-tcp-fast-open.

10. Enable the Protocol QUIC

11 способов ускорить тормозящий Chrome

Another experimental feature from Google that increases speed connection with the Internet. You can find her under the tag #enable-quic.

All settings on the page chrome://flags/ experimental and may not work properly. If the browser started acting strange, click Reset all to default and restart.

11. Check your computer for viruses

If you’ve tried all these steps but the browser continues to slow, it should be checked for viruses. It’s possible that you picked up a miner that otzhiraet system resources.

In addition, some malicious Chrome extensions that you can install inadvertently, is also engaged in the mining of cryptocurrency for their owners. Make sure that in your browser there is no “left-wing” extensions.

Finally, check the overall system load and disk using “task Manager”. Maybe the problem is not in Chrome, and bunch of background processes and unnecessary apps that you could remove?