12 Apple employees arrested for leaking information

12 сотрудников Apple арестовали за утечку информации

Apple reminded the staff about the responsibility for transfer to third parties, including the media, confidential information, intimidated courts and prison. It is reported Bloomberg.

This, however, does not prevent someone to “merge” the statement published in a closed corporate blog Apple.

The document says that last year the company caught 29 the authors of the leaks, and 12 of them were arrested.

“These people don’t just lose jobs, they can deal with the fact that to get anywhere after that extremely problematic,” warned Apple employees.

The company refused to comment on trapped in the press document.

Among other leaks, the perpetrators of which are exposed, Apple has called the emergence of information about the delay previously planned innovations in the iPhone and plums in the summer of 2017 software packages, the analysis of which allowed long before the official announcement to reveal important features of the iPhone and Apple Watch X 3.

Publish information about not yet announced the product may adversely affect sales of previous generation models to help the faster competitors to develop similar products or to reduce sales of new products after launch.