13 songs that you name the wrong way

13 chansons que vous nommez de la mauvaise façon

Philippe Melbourne Dufour

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If you have been a DJ or that you worked in a record store, no doubt you have heard the worst ways to name a song. Our condolences.

When we think of this poor songwriter who can draw for hours before finding THE right title…

Although at times, the artists seem to have searched a bit in naming their piece with words that we find only in the words. Or not at all (Hello New Order!).

Here is a small anthology of works poorly named.

“F**k you like an animal” instead of Closer by Nine Inch Nails
During my years as a DJ, I had taken the nasty habit of pretending not to know what song it was when the customers drunk asked me to the top of your lungs “I want you to do that to play I wanna fuck like an animal…” What I rétorquais, stoic : “Sorry, but it takes the right title. Without it, I play it not. Sorry…”

“Your great-great-grand-father…” instead of Degenerations of My Ancestors
People will still commit this error when you will become a great-great-grand-father. And it’s not as if the tune never play. Go! A bit of rigor.

“My gang of sick…!” instead of The désise of Daniel Boucher

The famous passage accompanied by the small gesture of the hand of Daniel Boucher replaces every time his true name. It must be said that the term itself remains very little used in conversation every day. But… Who has already noticed that this is a play on words with Disease (disease)?

“You played hide and seek…” instead of My brother from France With Love

Good, it agree with you, they are not legion, those who make this error. But you can never be too careful.

“Teenage Wasteland” instead of Baba O Riley the Who

The perfect example of a classic poorly named. Even the show Freak and Geeks had done a gag on the fact that nobody calls this piece the right way. It must be said that Townshend and his band are a little explicit as Baba O’ Riley is uttered no time in the song!

“Time of your life” instead of “Good Riddance (Time of your life) Green Day

Here, it is a little picky. Because the “bad” title is still in brackets. But Billy Joe Armstrong and his band took the time to write a full title, it is still necessary to take account of this, no? Looks like Serge Fiori: “We put a title in the world, maybe we should listen to it…”

“Half the man I used to be” instead of Creep by Stone Temple Pilot
With this ballad, grunge of Stone Temple Pilot, it can be mixing because Creep is already the title of the mega-success that introduced Radiohead to the whole Earth. Or almost.

“Awingna han…” instead of The Quick white Oscar Thiffault

In fact, it may be that Oscar Thifault had the idea to call it Ah-ouingne-ah-han (unless it is Ah-weegne-to-huh!?) but he had already expected that it would make it more difficult to research on Google.

“Rollin’ on the river…” instead of Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Even if your mononcle drunk can sing it by heart at the campsite, how much you gagez that it does not call for Proud Mary by her real name?

“What’s Going On?” instead of What’s Up! 4 Non Blondes

Be a group deemed as being a one-hit wonder, it’s looks bad on a CV… But when the hit in question is never named in the right way, it is even worse. How many people have been mislead to the karaoke to be found rather with a tune of Marvin Gaye? At the same time, it is all the same strange that the piece is not called “What’s going on?”. Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?

“Sunday evening in Chateauguay…” instead of Harmony of the evening in Chateauguay Beautiful Damage
Here again, we will acknowledge the fact that ever the term “Harmony” is pronounced in the text. Maybe it is a reference to the harmonies of voice? Impeccable, as always with Nice Damage.

“If you pay the cognac…” instead of Curtain for Plume Latraverse
Even the fans of the Pen might be surprised! This hymn to the good life of the 70’s has been played millions of times in the shows in the Saint-Jean and in the boxes song where one raises the elbow more often than in his turn… And yet, who remembers this hymn is called the Curtain? It must be the effects of the cognac-gnac-gnac-gnac…

“Ah la-la-la-la-la-long…” instead of Sweat (A La La La La Long) Inner Circle

OK, once again, it is picky a bit but it reminds you of the actual title just so you can impress the gallery during your next outing to the water slides!

You think about other titles bad-loved? Let us share your suggestions in the comments.