19-year-old student has created a bot, a lawyer for online consultations

19-летний студент создал бота-юриста для онлайн-консультаций

19-year-old student has created a bot, a lawyer for online consultations
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Artificial intelligence has provided free legal advice.

A young student of Stanford introduced the world’s first bot which provides for full legal advice. The system has already been tested in practice. This was reported by Mashable.

The bot is called DoNotPay, because it’s free. Artificial intelligence helps people deal with fines for Parking and other simple questions.

Today the system is greatly improved and the user can obtain advice on more than 1000 legal matters.

The chat bot works very easily. About your problem you can write in your own words, then the system processes the request and gives a full detailed answer. Also, the program may ask a few clarifying questions.

By the way, while DoNotPay only works in the US and the UK. Interestingly, the legal aid user receives depending on the state in which he lives, because the laws in the United States on many issues is different.


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