In 2014, while on duty killed 81 police – Poroshenko

1165 policemen were wounded.
From the beginning of the year while on duty killed 81 police. This was announced by President Poroshenko at the solemn meeting dedicated to the police, who will celebrate 20 December.

“Within 11 months of the year in the fulfillment of the law enforcement killed 81 law enforcement officers, were injured in 1165,” – said in a statement.

Poroshenko stressed the important role of police in defending the country’s independence and set the task of the police to preserve and increase people’s trust.

“Ukraine and the Ukrainian people rely on the police to a man she defended citizen, is the main priority, defended the law and the state,” – he said.

Recall evening 18 December in Kiev was shot three police officers .

It was also reported that in the Donetsk region was killed by the police chief Dokuchaevsk Gorotdel in Donetsk Oblast Vasily Riabokon with driver.

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