2015 will be crucial for Ukraine, says astrologer John Krup’yak

vlcsnap-2014-12-31-14h37m43s191-300x218The aristocratic, noble, moderate, persistent and interesting – as astrologers describe the character of the new year – a goat. 2015 – the year of the blue wooden goat. What will he projected astrologers?

Meet – goat Eve. She has 5 years living in Ternopil Park “Topilche.” Employees zookutka said Eva gentle, polite, unpretentious in food. He eats hay, oats, beets, instead of giving milk. Visitors love, especially those who feed it bread. Before Eve camera behaves a bit shy, voice fails, only crosses in his corner from foot to foot. This year’s Eve was born daughter. Little kid exchanged for another kizonku, white and hornless, shutu like to say to these people.

– Took a little white kozychku it young. It’s a breed that is hornless. They say that it is very good doyitsya and other small animals nurses if that’s deer, for example, will have a profit, how much milk can be fed young animals – says Head Park “Topilche” in Ternopil Yuri Boyko.

Kid named yet, so most of Ternopil can offer a decent name. Now Eve and the new kid living peacefully in a barn.

2015 will be the same as nature goats, says astrologer John Krup’yak, calm and balanced. In contrast, the outgoing horse that always goes forward, a lot of work, the goat likes to take a closer look.

– Will be lucky people who belong to the culture, arts, because it is the most later year, the year just knowing something of the ancient traditions of knowledge, philosophy, humanity little differently perceive the situation, which is now around – says astrologer John Krup’yak.

Symovolom will be dragon and side horizon – East, commented astrologer. This means that the events in the East will have to have an exceptional value. Year of goats is significant for Ukraine, in 1991 we gained independence. 24 August and 24 years ago. 2015th has become the year of our establishment, convinced John Krup’yak.

– It is crucial, as no one of the years, a crucial year for our country. We stand – says Ivan Krup’yak.

New Year be found in the circle of family and friends. Best of positive thoughts and hopes.

– Just at the very moment of the transition of the old to the new year to all of us to think that our land established strong and long peace. If we all think the same time in one minute, the thoughts materialize and it just will be the great gift for all of us.

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