2017 in five blunders

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
For our columnist a guest, Olivier Niquet, the politicians we have offered a year rather fertile in boondoggles.

For a change, our politicians we have offered a year rather fertile in boondoggles. Then, as like a manager at Adidas, here are five of the “#fail ” of 2017.


Storm on the 13


One would think that after centuries of debris of snow, Quebec is accustomed to having to deal with storms more intense than others.


However, in the night of 14 to 15 march 2017, about 300 vehicles remained caught in the snow drifts on highway 13 for a whole night. With as the only solace, the radio broadcast of mr. Fabi.


The Transport minister Laurent Lessard has held the record with a tongue of wood master, explaining that he was going to make sure to improve ” the efficiency of the process “, that there had been a “change of rulers in governance, with people who have pédigrees” and “deputy minister to the transformation and the performance of the organization” was going to load to review in detail what had cloché.


We would have wanted to do a caricature of the excesses of the bureaucracy that we would not have been able to do better.


While waiting for the process to become efficient (in 2038 ?), it is still a good news in all this : Laurent Lessard is no longer minister of Transport.


The Formula E


Before, during and after the race, Formula E, Denis Coderre has remained the wave in front of those who wanted to know if the sale of tickets was well underway. Rather than being transparent, the mayor has chosen to leave citizens to speculate and imagine that the organisation of the event had been a disaster.


However, a few days before the election, we learned that the race had actually been a disaster. The start to the finish line.


This communication strategy, or rather this absence of communication strategy, will open the way for the victory of Valerie Plant at the town hall. As for the winner of the race of Formula E, nobody remembers his name. After the cancellation of the event for 2018, it will remain in the annals as the only winner in the history of the Formula E in Montreal.


The fee Netflix


The minister of Heritage (or cultural Heritage), Mélanie Joly was very proud of his agreement with Netflix, which has promised to invest in canadian content.


But the exercise has mainly highlighted the fact that Netflix does not levy a penny of tax from its users, contrary to canadian businesses in all sectors. Because if one speaks of the ” tax Netflix “, it never says a “tax Cottonelle” when you go to buy toilet paper.


The minister was later defended by saying it had ” submitted a cultural policy and not a policy of tax “. However, it will put that light on the “culture” of tax avoidance Netflix of this world.




In February, Philippe Couillard said : “Thanks to us, Bombardier is still there “.


The blowing of the shoulder straps will not last long, and the government found the panties to the ground. In October, Airbus and Bombardier announced that european aircraft manufacturer took control of 50.01 % of the CSeries at zero cost.


“Zero cost” is a synonym of ” gratis “, some have had the impression that our governments had to spend a christmas tree.


On the contrary ! The various levels of government have rather given a lot of money to Bombardier. So much so that the United States decided to impose countervailing duties of 300 % on the CSeries aircraft, alleging that Bombardier had been an advantage.


It summarizes ? To save the CSeries, so we have invested in the CSeries, and the fact of having invested in the CSeries has torpedoed our investment by forcing the company to partner with Airbus. Association which will ultimately not be allowed to avoid u.s. sanctions. We will continue to spin in a loop waiting for the landing.


The 3rd link


Let’s end with the false good idea to build a third link to Quebec to reduce automobile congestion.


As in the case of the amphitheatre, which now hosts the shows tribute to Metallica, the hype of certain local personalities strong in the mouth has triumphed over the opinion of experts who agree that a third link would increase the congestion in the medium term in the region.


The candidate Jean-François “Jeff” Gosselin, whose campaign was mainly based on this idea, has hammered several times that the election was actually a referendum on the third link. And he got only 27 % of the votes in the elections.


This has not prevented the government Couillard, on the eve of the provincial elections, to go ahead with the establishment of a project office.


What will the government do if the office finds that a third link is not a good idea ? “There is a willingness in government to know that a third link is useful,” replied the minister Véronyque Tremblay. So much the worse for the studies.