Scientists explained the origin of the mysterious spheres

Ученые объяснили происхождение загадочных сфер

In the 3D model used 19 areas of different colors and textures.

The staff of the National Museum of Scotland has created 3D models of stone balls – stone age artifacts. They attracted the attention of specialists a kind of ornament, projections in the form of hemispheres and other shapes.

Scientists explained the origin of the spheres, discovered in Scotland, Norway, England and Ireland. The largest of them reach nine inches in diameter. The origin of the mysterious spheres from Britain explained. They were part of the arms, performs the function of measuring weights, rollers, blocks, or had religious meaning, indicating the high social status of the owner. According to another version, the balls are wrapped with ropes and used them as sling – ancient hand tool for stone throwing.

According to scientists, these balls are comfortable to hold with one hand. The pattern on them have changed over a long period of time.

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