The US authorities are mulling the withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan

Власти США обдумывают выведение всех войск из Афганистана

The Ministry of defense of the United States should begin exploring the possibility of a complete withdrawal of us troops from Afghanistan.But the haste in adopting and implementing this type of solution is fraught with serious consequences for U.S. national security. With such a warning was made on Tuesday at hearings in senatorial Committee on Armed forces of the United States Congress, Lieutenant General Austin Miller, nominated by President Donald trump as the new commander of the American forces and the NATO operation in Afghanistan, reports the with reference to Capital.

Under pressure from persistent questions from senators, according to the publication, Miller was forced to admit that continued for 17 years a military mission in Afghanistan has gone on too long and it’s time to think about plans for the withdrawal of American troops from this country, but the General cautioned against a quick and poorly considered decisions. “In a hasty and disorderly withdrawal, we will face with negative consequences for U.S. national security, the newspaper cites the words of an American General. — I’d really thought about the possibilities of the creation of the [terrorist groups] “Islamic state” and the Taliban [terrorist] threats to the United States.”

Miller, as noted by Defence News, agreed that in 2001, during the us invasion of Afghanistan was not expected that this operation is so delayed. However, he expressed confidence that after “such a very long period” of the war in Afghanistan, the U.S. army managed to achieve some progress.

Such optimism, says the newspaper, were received skeptically by some members of the Senate Committee that questioned the fulfillment of this mission in principle.

Currently, according to the publication, in Afghanistan deployed 16 thousand American troops who, according to the official version of the Pentagon, there is carried out training of fighters of the Afghan army and participate in antiterrorist operations.

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This is the first major Taliban attack after last Sunday, “holiday” truce on the Eid al-Fitr — celebrates the end of fasting in Ramadan the Islamic holiday.

An early morning Taliban from different directions attacked the two posts of the security forces in the area Balamurghab, and after a fierce battle that lasted several hours, captured the base. How many fighters were destroyed, not reported.

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