In Britain former police died accidentally locked himself in the closet

В Британии бывшая полицейская умерла, случайно заперев себя в шкафу

Briton Elizabeth Mary Isherwood, who had once served in the police force, came to rest in a suburban recreation complex near the city Machynlleth in Wales, where she rented a house. Night, 60-year-old woman apparently went to the toilet. Wrong door, entering a drying Cabinet for clothes. A door inside slammed shut. When Elizabeth, Mary tried to leave, the door handle broke off in her hands. Pensioner trapped, writes the with reference on the Mouthpiece.

Isherwood screams no one heard. She tore from the walls the shelves and broke the pipe, which began to batter the wall. From the broken pipe on it started to pour on top of cold water. In the end, Isherwood, which was fully exposed, died of hypothermia.

According to investigators, in close desiccator woman spent at least three days before he died. The Daily Mail reports that ironically the British were close to salvation. First she made a hole in one plasterboard wall, but found her brickwork. Then she started to hit another wall, and she still managed to punch through it. But on the other side of the wall was a painting covering the hole. And ex-police do not understand that they paved the way to freedom, thinking that there is also a brick.

It also became known that the neighbors heard a thud, almost around the clock coming from the house. But decided that someone just doing a repair.

Body Isherwood found the plumbing: they came to fix the pipe, as the water began to pour into the street. It happened a week after Elizabeth and Mary moved into the house. Believed to be in the closet she stuck the first night of your stay in the complex: she doesn’t even have time to unpack.

It is reported that the British rested on free vouchers. She usually went on holiday with friends but this time no one was able to accompany her: all were busy.

“We are absolutely devastated that happened. Mom was so athletic, healthy, loved to play Golf. If anyone could get out of this wardrobe — it’s her,” said son Craig Isherwood.

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