“Quarter 95” showed their version of “equality March”

«Квартал 95» показал свою версию «Марша равенства»

Parody from famous comedians.

Comic Studio “Kvartal 95” represented an alternative version of the LGBT pride called “the consequences of a gay parade in Kiev.” The comedians have prepared a few rooms where beat painful issues for the community, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

In the first humorous sketch gay semen Chpok of Mukachevo said that to change the orientation of it made the fact that he fell asleep on the bench before the pride.

The hero of the second air – Tambov Wolf. He reasoned on the subject of what to Kievprayd-2018 gathered about 5,000 police officers.

“Probably planned to attend a very important people,” he suggested.

Eugene Zhitkov noted the increasing aggressiveness of various “colourful minority” against the gray mass, eating meat, making love with the opposite sex, and not to sue for sexual harassment if the woman took his hand when leaving the transport.

He invited all these people to arrange a meeting with the protection of 3000 police.

The actors Studio revealed real, in their opinion, the gay parade, which brought together those people whom we meet daily.

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