The Chinese have not got to the world Cup, managing to confuse the Vologda to Volgograd

Китайцы не попали на матч ЧМ, умудрившись перепутать Вологду с Волгоградом

They still have a long way to go.

An amusing incident occurred at this world Cup with football fans from China who came to the world Cup despite the fact that their team is not playing, reports the with reference to

About the problems the Chinese from boarding the train, said the transport Minister Eugene Dietrich.

“In Volgograd on June 19, reported to me that the fans from China couldn’t find my train on the schedule. It was the beginning of the first night, 01.37 he had departure on the ticket.

I also tried to find the train schedule, could not find. I looked closer at the ticket, and it turned out that he had to go the ticket from Vologda, and was in this time in Volgograd.

Behind him came two ladies, also from China, with the same problem. They explained that the Vologda and Volgograd are at a distance of about a thousand kilometers from each other, but foreign fans don’t always understand it ourselves,” the Minister said.

Fans pointed out the error, solved the problem and was put on another train.

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