Doctors find out how much you can drink of alcohol per day

Медики выяснили, сколько можно пить алкоголя в день

Every dose of alcohol increases the risk of cancer, experts say

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast, in Northern Ireland, found the safe dose of alcohol that people can consume daily without harm to health. According to experts, about 10 grams of pure alcohol per day, writes the with reference for Today.

People who use the above quantity of alcohol, show the lowest risk of cancer among drinkers. Each extra dose of alcohol increases the likelihood of Contracting certain types of cancer.

On the website MedicalXpress scientists point out that the study involved older people, which limits the applicability of the results. In addition, the analysis does not account socio-economic factors.

We will remind, doctors revealed unexpected damage to life without alcohol. Researchers from the Finnish Institute of occupational health examined the relationship between truancy and alcohol in Britain, France and Finland. As a result of the experience, suddenly it became clear that most often affects binge drinkers and non-drinkers.

In addition, the doctor called an unexpected advantage of vodka. More or less safe for humans is a high-quality vodka, because in its manufacture are not traditionally used dyes and fragrances. As is done, for example, the counterfeiters who sold their whiskey and cognacs.

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