In the US, the glass prevented the tiger to “hunt” for the visitor of the zoo

В США стекло помешало тигру «поохотиться» на посетителя зоопарка

At the zoo filmed an unusual case.

Visitors to the zoo in the American city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, filmed the moment the tiger crept up to the man and tried to attack him, reports the with reference to

The video shows a man posing for a photo, standing with his back to the glass wall. At this time, the tiger begins very carefully to take in the waters, ready to attack.

In the frame — tiger Mike, the official mascot of Louisiana state University. Apparently, he took the visitor for potential prey and decided to hunt. After the first jump was unsuccessful, the beast walked along the fence and began to look at other people, then he made another jump.

Tiger attack provoked a strong reaction among the visitors: over heard screams and laughter.

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