Nutritionists explained, when the wine is good for your figure

Диетологи объяснили, когда вино полезно для фигуры

It turns out that you can drink wine and lose weight.

People who are watching their figure, we know that any type of alcohol can harm the forms.

The thing is that alcoholic drinks contain toxins that damage the blood vessels and also triggers dehydration, causing the fluid retained and not excreted properly.

In recent studies, scientists were able to figure out how you can drink alcohol and remain slim or even lose weight.

The most useful figure researchers called wine, but other alcoholic beverages in their favor is not received.

How to drink wine to lose weight?

1. Nutritionists recommend to drink dry wines, because they are the most low-calorie, in fact contain a minimum of sugar.

2. Before drinking wine, you should drink a glass of water, and even better – to dilute wine with water in proportion 1:1.

3. Eat low-fat products. If it’s cheese, it must contain no more than 30% fat, and allowed to eat only 20-30 g. you Can snack on wine bitter chocolate, so even better for the figure.

4. Not to get drunk. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow – not the last day of your life, and therefore try to drink more wine than they it makes no sense.

This information does not mean that the wine can be drink liters every day. The maximum allowable dose of the wine for the person who protects his health is 100 ml and not more than 3 times a week.

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