Elena Sparrow is tired of makeup and showed the “true” face

The artist admitted that he loved make-up and blame – the years of endless reincarnation on stage. That is why the artist showed how it might look made up, which greatly surprised the fans.

Елена Воробей устала от макияжа и показала «истинное» лицо

Elena Sparrow announced that she was tired of makeup, and then showed their “true face” – no smoky eyes, bright lips and other feminine stuff. To the surprise of the audience, paradisde was very attractive, and many fans did idol a compliment. Fans believe that in this way the Sparrow looks much younger and more attractive. “Beautiful, like 23 again,” said one of the fans. “Elena, eyebrows have, then all is right with the makeup,” said another podistica.

Under the photo of the commentators discussed another topic, because the artist said that he was going to night fire show in honor of the Spanish feast of San Juan. Users have shared their knowledge, and found that this event refers to the pagan rituals associated with the summer solstice.

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