The President of Serbia awaits in 2018, Putin in Belgrade

Serbia was the only country in Europe which supports the Russian Federation and does not impose sanctions.

Президент Сербии ждет в 2018 году Путина в Белграде

Before the performance of the Alexandrov ensemble, the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic took the floor.

“We expect your President to the end of the year. To celebrate the victory in the First world war, unlike others that always celebrate the truce. We are celebrating the victory because he was on the right side that fought for freedom in the First and Second world wars,” the President said.

He stated authoritatively, what to expect in 2018, Putin in Belgrade. This assumption seemed to the Russians an open offer for the trip. The Serbs are always welcome and soul met Putin. It is worth noting that the political situation encourages both countries to stick together. Do not forget that the Serbs are the only who supported Russia after “scale” of sanctions of the USA and Europe. Now, to refresh the relationship, Vucic sees the possible arrival of the leader of Russia in Belgrade.

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