Yury Luzhkov has shared private opinions on the future of Russia

Last Wednesday, readers have visited the Moscow House of books to talk with the former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov.

Юрий Лужков поделился приватным мнением о будущем России

He presented the audience with the second edition of his book “Russia at a crossroads… Deng Xiaoping and spinsters “monetarism””, which included a number of new pamphlets. According to Yury Luzhkov, in his book he outlined the analysis of current events in the country and their own vision of ways of development of Russia. It needs to be to improve the welfare of the people. Meanwhile, the right path of development, the government has chosen. Mr Luzhkov noted that the recovery of the global influence of the Russian Federation is required to establish and maintain the equilibrium of relations with China, USA and Europe. This will balance political and socio-economic situation in the world. In the course of communication with readers, Yuri Luzhkov criticized the initiative of the government of the Russian Federation regarding the increase of VAT rate and raising the retirement age. These processes, ex-mayor, will require additional expenditures and subsidies from the state.

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