Blue Origin will start selling tickets to space tourists, ” the Chronicle of world events

Blue Origin начнет продавать билеты космическим туристам » Хроника мировых событий

Blue Origin has successfully tested a suborbital vehicle.

Private space company Blue Origin announced that it plans to start selling the first tickets to space tourists in 2019. As stressed by N+1, despite this statement, the first passengers during the space of the test will be employees of the company, and after completion of all tests on Board will be allowed tourists on a commercial basis.

The exact timing of flights is not reported, but Rob Meyerson, senior Vice President of the company, said that in the course of 2019 is scheduled to begin officially selling the tickets. It is still unknown how much a ticket will cost, and when customers Blue Origin will fly into space.

Earlier, Blue Origin has successfully tested a suborbital New Shepard vehicle.

Meanwhile, the American company Virgin Galactic reported on the first successful flight of its new suborbital spacecraft VSS Unity established for the implementation of tourist flights.

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