In the United States will be assembled submarine with Stealth technology

В США будут собирать подводную лодку с технологией "Стелс"

Also, the submarine is equipped with underwater drones.

Previously published in the popular press the project of the American submarine allows you to uncover the future direction of the naval forces of the United States, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Us magazine notes that submarine Sub 2000 is a “radical break with the previous American projects submarines” because it is a double casing, is small in size and received a “flat” design.

The publication notes that the Sub 2000 was designed as a typical shock sub, however, allows the use in reconnaissance missions. In particular, the configuration allows the submarine lying on the seabed near the coast of the enemy, to put an external receiving device or to intercept electromagnetic transmissions.

Sub 2000 also received a couple of underwater drones, which suggests that the future submarine is intended to replace the submarine of the second generation USS Parche.

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