Named the most useful food for the picnic

Названы самые полезные продукты для пикника

Expert advice will be useful to anyone, but especially for those who are on a diet or simply watching their waistlines.

As a rule, associated with the picnic roast on the grill meat and other not very useful items. Many people wonder what to cook on nature, to spend time on vacation with benefits not only for the soul but also for overall health. By the way, lots of useful tips on preparing for the picnic can be found on Blog Metro.

Nutritionists have simplified the task and called the most useful products that you can take with you on a picnic:

1. Meat. Of course, to imagine camping without a barbecue impossible, so experts advise selective approach to the choice of meat, and not to abandon it altogether.It is known that chicken, Turkey and rabbit meat are the dietary, and therefore the kebab of them will be more useful. Pork, lamb and beef is better not to use as a main dish at a picnic.

It is important what the meat is to marinate. And in this case, the mayonnaise and other store-bought sauces are the most unwholesome. Less calorie barbecue happens when you marinate it with onion, vinegar, soy sauce or honey.

2. Porridge. Pilaf cooked on the fire in a pot, not only delicious, but also beneficial for digestion. First, it contains not much fat. Second, by itself, the rice is a natural absorbent for the intestines. Thirdly, natural spices and herbs have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Ear. This is one of the most popular dishes that is prepared outdoors. There is nothing better than fishing and cooking fish soup. By the way, the fish soup is low in calories, so dieters can eat it without concern for weight gain.

4. Vegetables. Fresh or grilled vegetables perfectly complement the skewers of meat, rice and soup. They are considered the most low-calorie products, bringing enormous benefits to the human body.

No less useful are the greens and leafy vegetables that are eaten fresh or added to salads.

Nutritionists advise to use 2-3 times more vegetables than kebabs and any other dishes consisting of foods of animal origin.

5. Fruits and berries. Great addition to baskets at the picnic. They are much healthier than high-calorie desserts and most importantly – they can’t be poisoned, like a cake with a protein cream that is stored outside the refrigerator in the heat. The only thing to do is thoroughly wash the fruits before eating them.

As for drinks, you can take on nature, then it is better to follow the recommendations of physicians, namely:

the dose of alcohol should not exceed 150 ml is better to drink something, for example, wine or brandy;

– mineral water will help prevent dehydration and will benefit in the digestive process of digestion;

– instead of packaged juices for a picnic it is desirable to take a chilled compote of fruits and berries or juice.

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