Scientists explained how in the body there is a surplus of serotonin

Ученые объяснили, как в организме возникает переизбыток серотонина

Specialists told about the mechanism of the development of serotonin syndrome.

Excess serotonin harmful to humans. To such conclusion scientists have come. Exceeded the concentration of the hormone of joy affects the body and causes serotonin syndrome, according to the with reference on Voice.

The danger in the first place, that the disease is rare, so few people are able to diagnose. And the symptoms are identical to those that are in other disorders.

Key – mental change: unhealthy emotional excitement. Any stimulus will cause a rapid behavioral and verbal response.

Also, the person may fall into a state of fear, panic, anxiety or begin to hallucinate. The root of all problems – impaired brain function.

Effect of excess serotonin, and the autonomic nervous system that controls the operation of various organs. A reaction of the body can be: numbness, nausea, migraines, excessive sweating, vomiting, dry mucous membranes, diarrhea, and breathing difficulty.

Can occur and neuromuscular changes: as a slight twitching of the hands or feet, and seizures. Also recorded the involuntary movements of the eyes, deterioration of speech ability.

It should be noted that a surplus of serotonin occurs because of the “Hobbies” antidepressants and drugs, combinations of drugs.

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