Scientists have solved the mystery cult of the benben stone

Ученые разгадали загадку культового камня бенбен

A group of scientists found that the iconic stone benben was the forerunner of the pyramids.Experts believe that the artifact came from the Egyptians after the fall of meteorites and greatly influenced their culture and religion, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

Cult stone benben was found in the Temple of the Phoenix. The artifact was the personification of the bird that the ancient Egyptians were considered a symbol of the cycle of the seasons and had the ability to recreate and revitalize.

Some archaeologists believe that before he stood on the column. It is believed that the benben stone was originally portrayed more like a cone, and then he began to resemble a pyramid with rounded edges.

In the new work, scientists have found that the benben stone is the predecessor of the famous Egyptian pyramids. Experts suggest that the artifact is of extraterrestrial origin and came after the falling of meteorites. He played an important role in the religion and culture of the ancient Egyptians

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