The cynicism of the officials of the Tver stadium on the beach without toilets, showers and changing rooms

One of the most attractive tercan places for a summer vacation does not have the necessary sanitary facilities. Children and adults cope with the situation as they are polite.

Цинизм чиновников Твери: стадион на пляже без туалетов, душа и раздевалок

Two years ago, the embankment of Afanasy Nikitin in Tver significantly transformed. Authorities extended urban beach built outdoor multi-sports stadium and a children’s Playground with slides, ladders, trampolines and other rides. Put in order paths for cyclists and pedestrians, planted flowers, installed benches, brought sand.

On completion of the project to upgrade the town beach was reported by all local media. It cost the budget several dozen million rubles. But, in fact, the money was wasted.

“Everything is fine, but where are the toilets?!”, – asks one of those who visited the beach. It turns out that the toilets in the rest area is not provided.

And it’s not the only problem. Playground for skateboarders, skaters and cyclists has no smooth coating, but just covered with gravel. Playground for ball games oriented to the West and East, not North and South as it should be. No awnings, shower, changing rooms and toilets. The track is not suitable for walking and Jogging, not to mention moving them in wheelchairs. Coverage area officials also have not provided.

It turns out that the project multi-sports stadium under the open sky, which again demonstrated the cynicism, incompetence and inefficient use of budget funds.

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