The fans were shot during a match of the 2018 world Cup

Болельщиков расстреляли во время просмотра матча ЧМ-2018

While watching the match Mexico – South Korea broke into the house, armed men opened fire on fans

Six people were killed on Saturday in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua) while watching their match involving the national team and South Korea within the world Cup in Russia, writes the with reference for Today.

On Saturday at the “growth Stage” the national team of Mexico defeated the South Korean team with the score 2:1 in the second round match of the group stage of the world Cup.

Seven men gathered in a private home to watch the game. They bought beer, set up tables and chairs and turned on the TV. While watching the game broke into the house, armed men opened fire. Six people died on the spot, another was injured.

A little later in Ciudad Juarez in the barbershop, killing five people. Three of them were members of the salon and two customers.

On the territory of the state of Chihuahua there are several gangs fighting for control of drug distribution in the United States. A few years ago, Ciudad Juarez was declared the most criminal city in the world, the number of murders in it amounted to 3.1 thousand per year, but the authorities managed to correct the situation, the number of crimes has significantly dropped.

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