Walk up: the UK cat is back home after 10 years of “wanderings”

Нагулялся: в Британии кот вернулся домой после 10 лет «странствий»

Now the cat is a homebody.

In the UK there was an amazing story — a cat that went missing 10 years ago, returned to their owners! According to the employee of the organization Blue Cross Susie Winship, the case of the reunion of owner and pet after a period of time — one of the most incredible of those with whom they happened to encounter, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to fakty.ua.

Cat Harry went missing in 2008 in Ipswich (Suffolk). He lived there with his owner mark Salisbury. Mark recalls that he took Harry and his brother are still kittens at Fermi great Yarmouth. Kittens seem to have taken root in him. He had given them microchips so they can be found in the case.

It is noteworthy that brother Harry was a bully. And mark believed that this kitten can be some trouble. But one day, with a walk never returned home it was Harry. “I called him, looking for all evening. But he did not appear. This morning I put up posters. Went to the police and the firm, which is engaged in registration of Pets. Nothing helped,” says Mr Salisbury.

He was looking for Harry. Then he moved from Ipswich to another city. But told the employees that have reported a missing cat of your new address. Mark changed his place of residence a couple of times. But a microchip to disable Harry did not dare…

Нагулялся: в Британии кот вернулся домой после 10 лет «странствий»

It looked like Harry just before his disappearance (on the left). And so the prodigal cat is back after 10 years (right)

In may 2018 the charity organisation Blue Cross brought the cat. While it is being transferred to the shelter was recorded that the owner of the animal has died. Employees soon discovered the microchip and launched an investigation. They quickly found out that the cat owner is mark Salisbury. He currently resides in Gloucestershire.

Mark contacted. He didn’t believe that Harry was found. And there arose a new problem. Brother Harry still lives with mark. And after the disappearance of Harry the character of the cat has changed dramatically. He stopped to go out, afraid to leave with the owner even for a minute.

Salisbury and the staff of Blue Cross concluded that the appearance in the home of another adult cat may cause harm to the animal psyche. So the prodigal Harry settled until the mother Brand Carolyn Clark.

“Harry loves to live with us. Eventually we let him walk on the street, and hopefully he’ll be back,” said Mrs. Clark.

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